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PTC heater
Product Specs:
Ideal  For  
Small Room / Medium Room
Products Features

>PTC safety ceramic heating element.

>Timer setting: 1,2,3,4......12 hrs.

>Thermostat can set your wished temperature.

> LCD digital display.

>Pre-filter prevents large air particles going into unit.

>Tip-over switch inside.

>Auto thermal cut off to protect your machine.

>Power consumption: 1500/900W.

It‘s a best partner of small workshop or ggarge  during cold seasons.
LCD display shows you the working status like room temperature,fan-speed,timing,etc
1~12 hours setting makes your usage more convenient
Themostat can set your wished temperature
pre-filter prevent pet hair,paper scraps going through the PTC element
Auto thermal cut off protect this asset from over-heat damage 
Tip-over switch inside