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Reading room air purifier
Product Specs:
Ideal  For  
Small Room / Medium Room 

Product Features

>Economical manual control design 

>4-stage filter system including True HEPA filter, Active Carbon filter, 

  UV germicidal lamp, and Negative lonizer 

>3-stage fan speed setting

>Micro-switch makes power off when rear cover is removed

> UV light leakage protected design 

> Filter and UV lamp replacement indicator

>Clean Efficiency of HEPA Type filter: 99%

>UVC Irradiation Intensity: >550uW/cm², 254nm (30mm distance)

>Maximum Air Delivery of Air Inlet:

  83m³/hr (50cfm)

>Maximum CADR: 102m³/hr (60cfm)

>Suitable for Room: <10m² (90sqf)

>Noise Level: 55dB (Noise of ambient is 38dB.)

>Power Consumption: 39W